BJJ Basics: How to Take the Back from Knee Mount

This is one of the coolest techniques I've ever seen in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This move starts off with "knee on belly", or sometimes it's called "knee mount". I start with my right knee on my training partner's belly. I wait for him to put his left hand on my knee and make a sharp, distinct turn with his body.

BJJ Basics: What is Tapping Out?

Tapping or tapping out basically means to stop. You can verbally tap - just by saying "tap". It is the essential component to keeping yourself and your training partners safe when practicing Jiu Jitsu.

BJJ Basics: How to Bridge

BJJ instructor, Ritchie Yip, shows how to create an explosive movement with your hips when you are on your back. Bridging allows you to generate an enormous amount of force when you are on your back and creates opportunities to escape from dangerous positions or to sweep your opponent when you are on the bottom.

BJJ Basics: Shrimping to the Side

Vancouver BJJ coach, Ritchie Yip, talks about how to move to the side and create space between yourself and your opponent when you're on your back. This movement is called shrimping to the side and is the most practical way to escape positions such as bottom cross side and bottom mount and bottom knee mount.

BJJ Basics: Shrimping Up Towards Your Head

Vancouver BJJ instructor talks about how to shrimp upwards thus creating space between yourself and your opponent. Shrimping towards your head is the easiest of all the shrimping motions and all beginners ought to start with this primary movement before attempting any of the more advanced variations.
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