Boxing Training: Proper Distance for Punching

Newbies to Boxing always have a habit of always stepping in when they strike. If you can hit him right where you are standing, then you don't need to step in. If you can't hit him, then, step in. People often neglect keeping their distance when they attack and they'll always step in to punch no matter how far or how close they are.

Boxing Training- Where to Stare

Kickboxing students usually stare at the target or the tool; meaning, they usually look right at the target they want to strike or they stare directly at the tool that is attacking them. Many kickboxing students are often confused over where to look when they spar.

Boxing Training: How to Breathe

When you're Boxing, you need to exhale with each punch. Not only will it extend your endurance - you will suffer an oxygen deficit if you hold your breath through a high number punching combination - but it will also enhance your punching power.
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